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About Me

Midwifery is so much more than my job, its my passion!

From deciding to become a midwife to taking the plunge and creating 'Behind the Birth' I've always had one goal in mind - to provide the very best care I can possibly give.

Having seen first hand what an amazing difference healthcare professionals can make, I was drawn to a career in the NHS. Add to this my absolute fascination with the science of pregnancy and I knew midwifery was perfect for me.

Since then it's been my absolute privilege to guide women and their families on their journey to parenthood, witnessing the amazing work of women's bodies on a daily basis. However the more experience I gained, the more I realised women were being consistently let down by a lack of good quality, evidence based education. As there is no regulation of antenatal classes, I saw an increase in women who were arriving to their births misinformed and frightened by their educators rather than empowered. I therefore became driven to help women truly understand what is happening to their body, supporting feeling of normality and confidence within all kinds of birth,

As a rotational midwife, I work within all areas of midwifery including the antenatal, postnatal and labour wards. Therefore I am constantly updating my knowledge, meaning I only share up to date and relevant information within my classes. Additionally, I am privileged to have experienced all kinds of care, from home birth to emergency caesarean births.​​ As a result you can be confident that with Behind the Birth you'll only get relevant, trustworthy information in a warm and relaxed environment. 

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