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What does it mean to go 'Behind the Birth'? 

Behind the Birth is an antenatal course for expectant parents looking to gain a greater understanding of labour, birth and the postnatal period. The itinerary is specially designed by myself to include vital information that as an experienced midwife, I've seen often overlooked by traditional birthing classes. Therefore, I go beyond the basics while keeping things light and entertaining with a wealth of demonstrations and activities. Classes are held over a 4-week period, with each session lasting around 2 hours each. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits will also be provided for you to enjoy during a short break each session. Held in a warm and welcoming environment you'll also get the opportunity to meet new parents so you'll have continued support long after the course ends. 

Course Itineary 

Session 1 - Term and early labour 

There'll be introductions and the option to join the group WhatsApp, so you can continue to stay in touch with other parents. After that discuss decision making in maternity care and the decisions you might need to make throughout your journey to parenthood. Moving on, learn about early labour and how this can still progress without dilation. You'll also learn coping strategies as well as what hormones are involved. Find out what to expect when you get to the hospital and what happens when your water breaks. 

Session 2 - Active labour

Start this session by talking about the importance of the labouring environment and how to personalise this wherever you choose to birth. Learn about positions to help labour progress and get the chance to try some for yourself (if you'd like). Next, find out about pain relief, everything from breathing techniques to the epidural. Finish off with talking about pushing, perineal tearing and the importance of the golden hour

Session  3 - Intervention 

This session learn about the induction of labour process and some of the reasons inductions are offered. Discuss monitoring of baby throughout labour to keep them safe in both low risk and high risk pregnancies. Next go through instrumental (forceps and suction cup) birth and discuss why this might be suggested. Finally, talk through caesarean birth and what you can expect in theatre and of course recovery. 

Session  4 - Newborn care 

The final session! Start off by talking about parental bonding immediately after birth and how to continue this when you're home. Learn some of midwife newborn tips and tricks and a lot about newborn behaviour. You'll get to practice putting a nappy on talk through some basic baby care. The last half of this session is dedicated to feeding and discuss breast and bottle feeding techniques.

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